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Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation including buying and selling real estate; development and subdivision of real estate, Commercial leases, Strata Property disputes, Construction disputes, Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, Builders’ liens, Insurance disputes, Fire Insurance claims, Bonding Issues, Architect and Engineering Disputes, Complex Construction issues, Residential and Commercial projects, Negligence Claims, Private and Public Construction projects ;
  • Employment Law including Wrongful Dismissal, Age Discrimination in Employment, Collective Bargaining, Disability Discrimination, Employee Discipline, Employee Privacy, Employer Liability, Employer Rights, Employment Arbitration, Employment Discrimination, Employment Rights, Employment Termination, Executive Employment Law, Executive Severance Contracts, Harassment, Labour Law, Management Employment Law, Noncompete Litigation, Noncompetition and Non-Solicitation, Reductions in Force, Sexual Harassment, Unfair Labour Practices, Wrongful Termination Defence, Human Rights complaints, Workers’ Compensation Claims;
  • Administrative Law including Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Municipal Laws, Professions Regulations, Licensing Laws, Social Benefits, Zoning Laws, Restaurants, night-clubs and taverns, workplace insurance and safety regulations, Environmental and Land Laws;
  • Corporate, Shareholder and Partnership Law including Shareholder Disputes, Partnership Disputes, Corporate Disputes, Company Disputes, Oppression Remedies, Enforcement of Shareholder Rights, Enforcement of Partnership Rights.
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