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British Columbia Litigator Focused on Winning Results
For more than 35 years, Robert Doran has been successfully litigating matters related to real estate and construction. The law firm of Robert Doran has acted as a representative for developers, purchasers and sellers of real property, commercial and residential tenants, public and private owners, and general contractors.

The law firm of Robert Doran has been litigating construction-related concerns before both civil courts and arbitration bodies, whether the matter is civil, labour-related or contractual.

Committed On-Time and On-Budget Support to Multi-billion Construction Industry
Construction projects require significant capital investment. They require extensive human resources; material supplies; and close coordination and good working relationships between owners/developers, contractors and sub-contractors, and designers. Therefore any dispute arising related to the project’s design or its execution, or anything leading to delays, can bring the whole project grinding to a halt, leading to serious financial losses.

The expertise of Robert Doran in the field of construction litigation extends to the most complex disputes in construction law. Mr. Doran, with his experience in this area, has garnered hands-on knowledge of various construction-related issues. His facility with related documents gives him the ability to handle disputes expertly.

Representing public and private owners, contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers, designers, architects, and landscapers, our firm has our hands in all aspects of construction law-related litigation. Robert Doran has acted as a sought-after British Columbia litigator for various construction-related projects including shopping centres, industrial parks, office complexes, residential complexes, power plants, hospitals, universities, schools and laboratories.

Our firm’s long-time experience and thorough understanding of the economic issues related to such disputes gives us improved abilities to endeavour to resolve such disputes with haste and satisfying results for our clients.

Construction Law Litigation Area Expertise in:

  • non-performance of agreements by contractors/sub-contractors
  • technology supply and license agreements
  • builders’ liens
  • time extensions on construction projects
  • defective/non-conforming construction work
  • defective implementation of the design of the construction project
  • delays in the completion of the construction of the project
  • disruption and loss of efficiency claims
  • differing site conditions
  • engineering negligence/disputes
  • False Claims Act violations
  • statutory liabilities under Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act
  • damages – actual, impact, liquidated
  • termination of the contract related to construction project

Your first consultation  about analyzing your claim, chances of success, and the estimated amount of compensation and you are free to decide whether to move forward with the case.

Avoid financial losses in construction. Give your stressful burden to the law firm of Robert Doran, the trusted name in real estate and construction litigation in British Columbia. To find out if we can act as your representative in court or before an arbitration tribunal, contact us now.

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