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The Law Firm of Robert Doran has served clients through the area of Metro Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia since 1981. Years of experience in litigation combined with deep understanding of the emotions of the clients has put the Law Firm of Robert Doran in the league of the most preferred Litigation firms.

Litigation Approach

The approach towards each case at the Law Firm of Robert Doran is driven by the need to achieve positive results for the clients. In litigating matters (related to Employment Law, Real Estate and Construction Litigation, Shareholder and Partnership Disputes and Business Law Litigation) Robert Doran, successful Surrey Litigation Counsel, combines dynamic advocacy with solicitous and astute judgment.

  • When you approach Surrey lawyer Robert Doran to handle your litigation matter, Robert Doran approaches your case in the following manner.
  • Initial Interview with Robert Doran at no charge.
  • Careful and thorough legal advice based on the facts provided by the client.
  • Retaining Robert Doran to represent you.
  • Discussion of the fee structure and other terms of the Retainer.
  • Costs involved with the Legal Process discussed.
  • Depending on individual matters, various approaches may be discussed: Negotiation, Arbitration, Court Process or Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Successful Representation

The success of the Law Firm of Robert Doran for over 35 years has been defined by:

  • Personal Representation by Robert Doran at each stage of the process.
  • Full-scale preparation of the case by thorough understanding of the relevant facts.
  • Early contact with all the witnesses.
  • Identification and Disclosure of all the relevant documents.
  • Client kept informed throughout the process.
  • Comprehensive information on the ever-changing Canadian laws and regulations.
  • Easy access to Robert Doran to contact him with any questions/doubts you may have.

Practice Areas

The Law Firm of Robert Doran has consistently proved its caliber, expertise in understanding and comfort in litigating matters related to:

  • Employment Law: employment law, labor law, employment agreements, wrongful dismissal, workplace disputes, workers’ compensation claims, Human Rights Tribunal claims, employment
    standards disputes
  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation: Buying and Selling real estate, Strata Property disputes, Residential and Commercial Construction Disputes, Builders’ Liens, Insurance Disputes, Bonding Issues, Complex Construction Issues, Negligence Claims, Commercial Leases, Public and Private Construction Projects
  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes: Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Buyouts of shares, Oppression remedies, Misuse of partnership assets, Monetary disputes, Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Business Law Litigation: Contract Disputes, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Breach of Buy Sell Agreements, Conflicts of Interest, Internet and Social Media Defamation, Breach of Privacy

For a complete description of the services we offer in our four main Practice Areas, visit the individual page of each of these services.

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