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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Comprehensive support for administrative law and regulatory issues

There are various government actions that affect the day-to-day life of its citizens, including businesses and individuals. You might have been prejudiced by a government contract going to someone who did not deserve it or you might have been affected by a rule that could cause serious impairment to your business prospects.  If your rights as an individual or a business are affected by any government action, it becomes important to challenge that action to ensure the government continues to act in a fair, diligent and reasonable manner.For more than 34 years Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel has been there to help you when you are affected by any actions pursued by government and government agencies. The success of Robert Doran in the area of administrative law has been the result of his dedication to ensure that federal, provincial and municipal governments function in a fair manner towards businesses and individuals.

Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel is conversant with government regulations at federal, provincial and municipal levels. In addition to being knowledgeable about the relevant authorities and legislation of Canadian administrative law, Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel can interpret administrative law decisions in a manner to put you on the right track.

Administrative law and how it might affect you

Administrative law basically helps in defining the relationship that businesses and individuals share with the government and its various agencies. It helps non-governmental entities determine what rights they have against any discriminatory action pursued by any government agency. Administrative law lays the foundation for the fair and reasonable functioning of government.

As all government agencies enjoy some kind of immunity from actions being pursued against them, it is imperative that you get an administrative law firm that knows the various nuances of administrative law and knowledge of the leading precedents.

Relevance to corporations/businesses

You might have been affected when a government tender/bid was assigned to someone who clearly did not deserve to receive the contract. The government passed certain regulations that made it difficult for you to operate your business in a profitable manner.

Relevance to individuals

A government agency acts in a prejudicial manner and discriminates against you because you complained against that agent. Your professional license is suspended or revoked because you raised your voice against the rules and regulations of a government agency or board. You join a political advocacy group and you realize that you are suddenly unemployed because you supported the wrong political party.

It is important to overcome the fear that any of these actions can cause to you personally or to your business and pursue an action against the arbitrary and discriminatory behavior of the government and its agencies.

Canadian administrative law service areas

Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel is a British Columbia administrative law firm that has been actively involved in the following service areas: written submissions to regulatory tribunals, boards and commissions, interpretation of administrative rules and regulations, advising on administrative legal issues, appealing against the decisions of tribunals, boards and commissions and defending against the decisions of administrative agencies.

We have comprehensive knowledge of various administrative issues and experience in appearing before administrative tribunals, commissions and boards.

Administrative law service areas:

  • Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Constitutional law
  • Freedom of information and protection of privacy
  • Human rights complaints
  • Labour
  • Municipal laws
  • Regulation of professions
  • Environment and land laws
  • Workplace insurance and safety regulations
  • Licensing laws
  • Social benefits
  • Real estate, construction and engineering
  • Restaurants, night-clubs and taverns
  • Zoning laws

Effective and credible representation

If you are involved in an administrative law matter please contact us now.

Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel is reputed for handling the most complex and challenging administrative law cases and delivering on his promises.

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