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Internet and Social Media Defamation

We live in a digital age that impacts our daily lives and businesses. Online information is powerful and Internet defamation, where a person or persons, such as disgruntled consumers, disgruntled clients, competitors or someone paid to gossip, use the Internet or social media to defame a business, is a serious issue. Defamatory information can tarnish your brand image and cause a loss of customers and revenue.

The law firm of Robert Doran recognizes that businesses and professionals spend a lot of time and energy developing their reputations, all of which can be jeopardized when false statements are published online. If you are the subject of internet defamation, it is crucial to retain prompt legal advice from a lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases in order to protect your interests.

The law firm of Robert Doran provides these types of services:

  • representation in Internet and social media defamation matters, which can include breaches of privacy and often includes Internet service providers (ISPs) and social media outlets outside Canada
  • tracking down anonymous website contributors and publishers. This often involves investigating outside British Columbia
  • negotiating appropriate settlements for clients
  • if a competitor, client, news outlet or person defames you online, in print, in any electronic message or through social media, we can help restore your reputation

The type of topics we deal with include:

  • removal of defamatory posts
  • business defamation law
  • social media defamation
  • international defamation

People who engage in Internet defamation often operate anonymously. Your lawyer will take action to help identify them. Courts sometimes grant injunctions against people to stop their activity.

In many cases, the person or business engaging in defamation is not in British Columbia, so you may need lawyers with experience handling British Columbia litigation cases where some or all of the wrongdoers are outside the province.

Internet defamation law is complicated. There are concerns about limitation periods, multi-jurisdictional issues, numerous social media sites, and technical and legal issues surrounding anonymity. Please note that not all statements that may be harmful or insulting are defamatory.

If you are the subject of Internet defamation, it is important to capture the evidence. Persons who post defamatory statements on the Internet or social media often remove the material quickly, yet a large audience could have already read that material. If possible, preserve the evidence by taking a screen shot of the webpage and saving the image as evidence of the content in dispute.

The types of actions possible include sending out cease-and-desist letters, obtaining court injunctions and removal orders, and suing for damages.

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