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Employment Law

Employment Law

Professionalism combined with compassion

For more than 35 years, Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel has approached each employment-related matter with professionalism and care. We understand the stress that you are in when you resort to legal remedies and our goal is to approach the matter in such a way that will minimize the impact of wrongful termination, job loss and other employment related issues.

The success of Robert Doran, the principal at Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel, can be credited to his passion and effort of making employment relationships work better. He has proved his mettle in the field of Employment Law with his strategic thinking, judgment expertise and practical experience.

Abreast of the ever-changing employment landscape
The success of a lawyer in an employment-related claim or dispute depends a great deal on how well informed the lawyer is with the changes that keep taking place in the area of employment law. Moreover, the various technical innovations are changing the entire scenario of this very important relationship. Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel realizes the importance of keeping current with changes in legislation and keeping track of authoritative precedents. This makes Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel one of the most trusted names in British Columbia for employment law matters.

Over the years, our reputation of taking the most complex and challenging cases and delivering our promises has made us one of the trusted employment lawyers for the past 35 plus years.

Proactive legal solutions tailored to your needs

Employment law refers to statutory laws, rules and regulations and case law precedents that encompass all areas of the employer-employee relationship, whether it relates to contract disputes, payment disputes, discrimination disputes, wrongful termination claims or any civil rights violation claims.

We assist you at every stage of your employment relationship from in-house counseling on contracts through all stages of an employment dispute from pre-litigation advice to court litigation.

  • Contractual matters — Disputes on employment agreements, non-disclosure/non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements disputes, severance agreements and independent contractor disputes.
  • Payment disputes — Wages disputes, equal pay claims, hour disputes, employee benefits, overtime, holiday requests, leave requests, medical leave and family leave.
  • Discrimination and harassment — Disputes covering race, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, disability, pregnancy, health disputes and sexual harassment.
  • Wrongful termination —Whistleblower and retaliation claims, discrimination, harassment, civil rights violation and human rights claims.
  • Advice and counseling — Negotiation and drafting of employment agreements, employee code of conduct compliance, non-disclosure/non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements, payroll and overtime issues and union management relations.

Representing the various verticals of the employment industry

We represent both the employer and the employee — management and labor. The following is a comprehensive list of the areas where we have acted as a litigator to the people involved in an employment relationship in some manner.

  • Employers — Helping employers understand their rights as an employer and the duties and liabilities that they can be made subject to in the course of the employment relationship. Some of the ways we help employers are:
  • Advising on the necessary terms and clauses in an employment agreement and ensuring code of conduct for sustained employee discipline, litigating breach of employment contract disputes, breach of restrictive covenants, i.e. non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure, educating on the right termination procedures for employees, compliance with wage and hour regulations and ensuring fair employment practices and compliance at the work-place with the most current British Columbia employment law legislation.
  • Employees — Assisting employees in the assertion of their rights at the workplace and safeguarding them against discrimination and wrongful termination. We help employees in the following matters:
  • Employment discrimination matters like age discrimination, gender discrimination, disability discrimination, race discrimination, harassment at workplace covering sexual harassment, educating employees about their privacy rights and assisting them in cases of wrongful termination matters.
  • Executives — Acting as a support to executives at medium and senior levels of a company in understanding their rights under Canadian employment law aside from the rights provided in the executive employment agreement, severance agreements for executives, compensation and bonus agreements for executives, advising the executives on wrongful termination and law of contract, and restraint of trade covenants.
  • Management Labor Relations — Representing both management and the work-force in matters related to collective bargaining, union campaigns, administrative agency investigations, implementation of discipline and discharge protocols, wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment at workplace, restrictive covenants enforceability, compensation claims and whistleblower matters.

Payment obligations

The first consultation is a no-obligation/no-fee meeting. The first meeting with a lawyer from our firm is more about analyzing your claim, chances of success and the estimated amount of compensation. This first meeting does not impose any cost obligation on you and you are free to decide whether to move forward with the case.

Trustworthy and responsive representation

For honest and qualitative representation contact us now.
Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel is reputed for handling the most complex and challenging employment law cases and delivering on his promises.

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