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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Distinguished and experienced personal injury lawyer

When you or a person closely related to you is involved in an accident, consideration of the medical expenses and corresponding legal issues involved are the furthest things from your mind. It is when you see the medical expenses rising, the insurance companies not willing to honor their obligations and most importantly, you suffer from both physical and mental agony, that you become motivated to make a claim for the injury caused to you.

For more than 34 years, Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel has been helping British Columbia residents with the settlement of their personal injury claims from a simple whiplash to wrongful death against both the private parties and insurance companies. The lawyers at Robert Doran law firm are aware of the in-depth intricacies involved in personal injury litigation, the need for close co-ordination between the legal experts, medical specialists and accounting experts in making the demands and working out the amount to be claimed as compensation.

What is personal injury?

The law of personal injury covers various areas within its realm. To start with, personal injury is defined as covering all kinds of injuries or accidents that have an adverse effect on not just the physical well-being of a person (i.e. on the body or health) but also on the psychology of a person (i.e. mental or emotional state). An action for personal injury is usually defined by the tort of negligence by the accused party.

Will my injury be covered under a personal injury claim?

Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel has explored and successfully executed all the areas that can possibly fall within the realm of personal injury law. Some of the areas of our expertise in personal injury law are:

  • Vehicle Accidents — Car crashes, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, passenger accidents, drunk driving, DWI, hit and run, roll-over incidents;
  • Occupiers/premises liability claims — Slip and fall accidents, tripping incidents, dog bites, third party liability and stairs accidents.
  • Product liability claims/defective products litigation — Design defects, faulty products, manufacturing defects, safety procedures flouted, inadequate instructions/warnings, airbag injuries and seatbelts.
  • Workplace accidents — falls, chemical burns, exposure to toxins and chemicals, explosions and fires and defective machinery.
  • Construction site accidents — falls, unsafe premises, and dangerous construction materials.
  • Serious injuries — Brain injury, Concussions, Spinal cord injuries, Disc and Vertebrae injuries, Orthopedic injuries, Psychiatric/Psychological injuries, Chronic pain
  • Air, rail and sea accidents — Boating and jet ski accidents, airplane crashes and train incidents.
  • Assaults and sexual abuse
  • No-fault car insurance claims
  • Animal attacks and dog bites
  • Wrongful death
  • Industrial malpractice claims

Comprehensive yet sympathetic approach

Our innumerable clients, for whom we have successfully claimed compensation, can vouch for the fact that our approach towards each individual case is thorough and competent yet we understand the emotional sentiments attached with the claims. To get in touch with us to review your claim, contact us.

Personal injury case management

Through established and experienced expertise, Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel can help you sail through the entire life cycle of a personal injury lawsuit including obtaining medical records, drafting and issuing demand letters, correspondence with relevant statutory authorities, drafting discovery requests (interrogatories, request for production and request for admission) and working out settlements with private parties and insurance companies.

What amount of settlement can I hope to receive in a personal injury claim?

The amount that can be finally agreed upon in a personal injury lawsuit varies from case to case. Many factors are taken into consideration for reaching a suitable figure of compensation such as type of injury, after-effects (i.e. pain and suffering caused as a result of the injury), age, profession and dependants of the injured person.

Damages that can be claimed in a personal injury litigation

  • Medical expenses
  • Costs of future care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income
  • Future diminished earning capacity
  • Physical disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of love and affection
  • Property damage
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

Important steps you must comply with prior to approaching Robert Doran

  • Give all the relevant information relating to the accident to the police
  • Record the names and addresses of key witnesses and other interested parties to the incident
  • Consult your family doctor regarding your injury
  • Inform your insurance company soon after the incident
  • Inform your employer/school/college
  • Keep a record of the names and addresses of the medical professionals you have consulted
  • Keep track of the insurance information
  • Maintain a record of all the expenses, including the time spent by family members in taking care of the injured
  • Check out if any other insurance coverage route is available to you
  • Contact Robert Doran

Act now

As there is a restriction on the period of time within which the claim of personal injury can be brought in a court, it is imperative that you act now and consult a personal injury lawyer.

To talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer, at a no cost obligation to you, simply fill in the contact form and a representative from our company will be in touch with you.

Robert Doran, Litigation Counsel is reputed for handling the most complex and challenging personal injury cases and delivering on his promises.

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