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Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Litigation Expertise in Surrey Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Robert Doran is a Surrey shareholder and partnership dispute lawyer and for over 35 years, he has been helping business owners caught in disputes with their business partners. When amicable dialogue between co-owners fails, Robert Doran can help you enforce your legal rights and resolve disputes in your favour.

Whether you are a shareholder in a private Surrey company, or a partner in a Surrey partnership entity, Robert Doran has the litigation experience to represent you at all stages of a dispute, and at trial, appeals court, and arbitration.

Disagreements Among Business Co-Owners

Not all co-owner disagreements end up in court; many can be settled through negotiations, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution. But when the financial stakes are high, or negotiations have failed, it is time to seek legal representation from a Surrey business ownership dispute law firm to ensure your rights as a business owner are protected.

Do You Have a Surrey Company Shareholder Dispute?

If you are a Surrey shareholder in a private B.C. company, you might have a serious dispute with your fellow shareholders about matters such as:

  • Misuse of company assets
  • Buy out or purchase of shares
  • Valuation of shares
  • Conflict of interest
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Financial benefit to a shareholder to the detriment of other shareholders
  • Oppression by majority shareholders
  • Winding up proceedings

Do You Have a Surrey Partnership Dispute?

If you are a Surrey partner in a general or limited partnership, you might have a difficult issue with your fellow partners regarding any of the following:

  • Hiring of staff
  • Financial structure
  • Change in leadership or management
  • Direction of the business
  • Inability of the partners to cooperate
  • Conflict of interest
  • Misuse of partnership assets
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Unfair ownership share of the partnership

What Remedies Can I Obtain Through Court?

Whether you are a private company shareholder, or a partner in a partnership, by starting a business ownership lawsuit in Surrey, you can obtain various court orders and remedies. Some of these remedies include:

  • Monetary damages
  • Buy out (or sale) of business ownership among co-owners
  • Control of the business
  • Sale of assets
  • Appointment of a receiver
  • Entity dissolution
  • Tracing of assets
  • Order for the direction or management of the business

What You Should Do Before Going To Court?

If you are caught in a dispute, and can’t seem to settle your disagreements, don’t delay in seeking legal counsel from a company dispute lawyer in Surrey. If you wait too long, certain transactions or steps your business co-owners take (with or without your knowledge) may be irreversible.
Prior to meeting with legal counsel, here are certain things you should do:

  • Locate your company minute book and, if applicable, your shareholders agreement (if you have a shareholder dispute)
  • Locate your partnership agreement (if you have a partnership dispute)
  • Obtain all accounting & financial records
  • Find bank account records, and identify who has bank signing authority
  • Prepare a list of business assets

Payment Obligations

There is no charge or fee for your first consultation with Surrey corporate dispute lawyer Robert Doran. Your first meeting will be to determine whether you have a case that can be taken to court. If there are other means to resolve your dispute, they will certainly be raised during your meeting.

Time is of the essence, if you have an irresolvable disagreement with your co-owners. Don’t delay and contact company litigation lawyer Robert Doran. Look no further — Get in touch with us today!!!

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